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Telegram vs. Telegram X - these are the differences

Telegram is a messenger service designed not only for communication with family and friends, but also with other participants. Thus, here you can chat as well as join groups, supergroups as well as channels to keep yourself updated on certain topics.

What makes Telegram different from Telegram X

Telegram X comes as an extension to Telegram, though you don't have to install it separately. The developers see this extension as an experimental app to provide more security and anonymity. Thereby, some differences between the versions can be found.
  • Control via PIN: While you encrypt your chats via a code in Telegram, an encryption via password, gesture, pattern or fingerprint is additionally available in Telegram X.
  • Split tabs for chats and calls: In Telegram X, the areas for chats and calls are now displayed separately, where you can easily switch between them with one click.
  • Save messages: The look for where you save your chat has been adjusted, so that the multimedia areas are now found in the form of a sliding menu. You can also access the chat directly via a robot icon.
  • More design options: In Telegram X, there are now many more options available to you in terms of design and new features. In den „Einstellungen“ können Sie diese unter dem Bereich „Schnittstelle“ nach Bedarf anpassen.
  • Fließendere Handhabung: Ein großer Unterschied ist das Handling. So ist der Übergang bei Animationen und Übergängen weitaus flüssiger als bei der Normalversion.

By Selma Hansencamp

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