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Laptop for work: What a Laptop Needs

When buying a new laptop, users get involved quite quickly with devices that are far beyond the necessary performance for their use, and thus quickly rise in price. To be able to work on your laptop with simple office applications and comparable programs, not much is needed.

Laptop for work: Here you can quickly save

A new laptop should of course be fast and powerful. However, if it is only used for simple programs and applications, you can easily save money.
  1. Office applications are usually quite frugal with the demands on the resources of a laptop.
  2. Since there is usually not much happening on the display either, you can easily save money here by doing without expensive components.
  3. When buying, pay particular attention to finding a display that is large enough for you and that has an IPS panel at best.
  4. A light weight and a long battery life are also key figures that should be interesting for you in this case.

This is what you need - and this is not

  1. Most important are: a sufficiently large display, an SSD or M2 storage device with enough memory (512 GB or more), a CPU with a high clock rate in GHz and a strong battery.
  2. Was Sie nicht benötigen ist: Eine teure und starke Grafikkarte, eine CPU mit vielen Kernen, Arbeitsspeicher von über 16 GB oder ein beleuchtetes Gehäuse.
  3. Achten Sie auf diese Hinweise, können Sie schnell mehrere hunderte Euro sparen.

By Rosner

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