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Laptop doesn't recognize headphones: what you can do

You connect headphones or a headset to your laptop, but it doesn't recognize the headphones, then different problems can be behind it. If you have ruled out hardware errors it is necessary to proceed step by step to find the error in the software.

This is what you can do if your laptop does not recognize the headphones!

First check if the headphones are plugged into the correct jack (if marked, usually green or headphone icon). Test thereby also that the plug is really inserted. Also check the cable to see if there is a defect. If the headphones do not work on other devices, there is a hardware error.
  1. If they are connected correctly, but the laptop still does not recognize the headphones, there may be other problems behind it.
  2. A common error can be that a driver for the playback device must be installed. Also, check if you need to update it via the "Device Manager". If no driver is found, search via the manufacturer's website to see if a driver is available.
  3. Check via the sound settings if your headphones are selected as playback device. Right-click on the speaker icon at the bottom right and select "Open Sound Settings". Wählen Sie unter „Ausgabegerät wählen“ Ihre Kopfhörer aus und überprüfen Sie, ob der Fehler nun behoben wurde.
  4. Starten Sie Ihren Computer neu, in einigen Fällen erkennt der Computer anschließend das externe Gerät.

By Mendoza

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