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Android: Empty Recycle Bin - how to get rid of files

The Recycle Bin is mainly used on Windows or OSX devices to temporarily delete files. When this is subsequently emptied, the files are irrevocably removed from your system. On Android devices, the Recycle Bin does not exist, but you have other options for permanently deleting unneeded files.

Android: Remove files without emptying the Recycle Bin

On Android systems, there is usually no Recycle Bin from which you can recover or permanently delete deleted files. However, if you still want to empty the recycle bin, i.e. completely remove certain files from the system, you have other options.
  1. With the CCleaner app, you can delete all files of which parts are still present on your system.
  2. For this, you must first download and install the app from the Play Store.
  3. Then start the CCleaner.
  4. In the software, you will now see the memory used and the RAM used. Click "Analyze" at the bottom of the button on the home page.
  5. Now you have to wait until your system has been analyzed. If you have the free version of the app, you will be shown ads in the meantime.
  6. Once the analysis is done, you will be shown what proportion of the stored files can be cleaned by the app.
  7. Normally, all files within the cache and cache can be removed easily. Click "Finish cleaning" to delete the data.
  8. On newer Android versions, you need to confirm the cleanup again, then the unnecessary data will be removed.

By Tisha Searby

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