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Adobe Premiere: Insert text into a video

A tool to further edit videos with Adobe Premiere is the title tool. This allows you to insert text boxes into a previously created video and then customize it. We'll explain how to use the program's feature properly.

Insert into a video: How to create a text box in Adobe Premiere

To add a title to a video, please go to "Window" > "Workspaces" > "Title" in the Adobe Premiere menu. Then click "New Title" > "Default Title" and give the title clip a name. As soon as you confirm with "OK", the empty text field is inserted into the project window and the title panel opens for further editing.

Adobe Premiere: How to insert text into a video

Once you have created the text field, start customizing it to your liking. Before you do, however, make sure that the Text tool is enabled in the Title Tools panel. If this is not the case, please make up for it under "Window" > "Title Tools".
  1. Then click into the title area and enter the desired text for your video.
  2. Now you still have the option to change the text properties such as font, alignment or font size under "Window" > "Title Properties". In order not to adjust the title properties manually, you can choose from various sample styles under "Window" > "Title Styles".
  3. If you do not like the position of the text field in the layout, this can also be changed. To do this, navigate to "Window" > "Title Tools" and move the text field using the mouse.
  4. To add the text field to the video, finally transfer it to the Timeline and determine its position and display duration.

By Selimah Pumarejo

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