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Google Trips: This is Google's digital travel helper

The world has become borderless. This is precisely why many people want to travel. Google Maps is a regular helper in this regard. As a supplement, there was Google Trips some time ago. This application was completely designed for traveling, but was discontinued by Google.

With Google Trips, travel planning becomes more effective and clearer.

The features of Google Trips at a glance

Google Trips existed as an app for Android and iOS. So, iPhone users were also allowed to access the huge database as well as the helpful features. However, the application was completely discontinued by Google in August 2019 and cannot be used since then. Nevertheless, the app was very popular on trips.
  • The app helped you plan in the form of personalized ideas, which also included factors such as season, weather and certain events.
  • The comprehensive database, which was linked to Google Map, served as a basis and contained all the information about the destination.
  • Thanks to offline function, you were not permanently dependent on an Internet connection. This is especially in non-EU countries a big advantage.
  • In the app you added upcoming trips partly automatically. For example, Google recognized when you received an email to book a hotel. Daraus leitete die App Ihre Reisedaten ab und stellte Ihnen Optionen zur Planung zur Verfügung.
  • Unter „Mögliche Aktivitäten“ zeigte die App Vorschläge an wie Museen, Restaurants, Sightseeing-Punkte oder sonstige interessante Orte. Die Unterteilung zwischen Indoor und Outdoor war möglich.
  • Unter „Pläne für den Tag“ konnten Sie einzelne Aktivitäten festlegen.

By Lightfoot

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