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Paying Netflix with iTunes - how it works

Netflix offers the option to pay via PayPal, direct debit or with gift cards and their credits. For a while, you could also pay Netflix with iTunes. However, this option is no longer available for all customers.

Netflix offers different payment methods. Previously, Netflix could also be paid with iTunes:
  • Prerequisite for payment with your iTunes account was that you have registered with Netflix through this very account on an Apple TV, an iPad or iPhone.
  • This variant was sometimes particularly favorable, because iTunes gift cards are very often available with a discount of up to 20 percent.
  • Have you previously set this payment method and have not changed it in the meantime, you can continue to pay with your iTunes credit Netflix.
  • Have you changed the payment option, however, or never used it, it is no longer possible to select iTunes as a payment method.
  • Instead, Netflix can be paid with credit cards, by direct debit, by credit card or even by PayPal.
As you can see, you have several options for paying the popular streaming service. If you do not want to deposit private data such as your account number or the details of your credit card, it is best to use credit cards. You can find these in supermarkets, gas stations, and newsstands, for example. The use of the card is completely anonymous.

By Boland Pendergraph

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