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Samsung Galaxy A90: Music player - how to listen to music

To listen to music at home or on the go with your Samsung Galaxy A90, you need a music player. In addition to the two music players that are already installed on the smartphone when you buy the device, you can download other music apps.

These music players are available on the Samsung Galaxy A90

If you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy A90, it already has two music players that you can use ex works. In addition to the "Play Music" app from Google, which is preinstalled on all Android devices, the "Samsung Music" app from the device manufacturer Samsung is also on the smartphone. If Samsung Music is not already available on your Samsung Galaxy A90, you can install it as follows:
  1. Go to the app overview of the Samsung Galaxy A90 and tap on the icon of the "Galaxy Apps" application.
  2. Tap on the "Search" button in the app and enter the term "Samsung Music" to search for the music app in the store.
  3. Have you found the app, please select the appropriate entry from the list of results and tap "Install".

Samsung Galaxy A90: These other music players you can use

If you would rather use another music player instead of the standard apps from Google or Samsung, this is also possible. To do so, simply open the Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy A90 and search for the corresponding app there. Besides apps from well-known music streaming services like Spotify or Napster, you can also get iTunes or Apple Music on your Samsung smartphone.

By Hodgson Selden

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