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iPhone X: Delete all contacts - this is how you have to proceed

If you want to delete all contacts stored on your iPhone X, you have to use a trick. Apple otherwise only offers the option to remove individual entries from the address book. Depending on the number of contacts you want to delete, this can be quite a time-consuming procedure.

How to remove all contacts using iCloud

To delete all contacts stored in the Contacts app in one go, you need to take advantage of a trick. This is because by default, iPhone stores contacts in iCloud and syncs your devices with each other. If you deactivate the feature, the contacts on the smartphone will also be deleted.
  1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone X.
  2. Tap on your name in the overview and then select the item "iCloud".
  3. You will then see an overview of your iCloud storage and which apps and applications store data in the cloud. Scroll down the list until you find "Contacts."
  4. Disable the slider and tap "Delete from iPhone."

Deleting contacts manually

However, it may be the case that some contacts are stored directly on your iPhone X. This is not the case. If that's the case, you can't avoid removing them one by one. To do so, open the Contacts app and select a contact. Tippen Sie oben rechts auf „Bearbeiten“ und scrollen Sie in der Übersicht nach unten. Dort finden Sie die Option „Kontakt löschen“.

By Kohn

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