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Donate with Bing: Microsoft's New Donation Program

A few years after launching the Rewards system, Microsoft introduces a new donation option. These are directly linked to Rewards. We explain how it works.

With Bing, donations are now also possible without having to pay real money.

We have already presented the basics of the rewards program called Rewards in this guide.

Donating with Bing: Here's how it works

When you search via Bing, you collect Rewards points.
  • In order to make a donation through the points, you must first select which non-profit organization you need to support.
  • Once this is done, you will collect points for this organization with every Bing search from now on.
  • In addition, you can also donate your already collected Rewards points. This is done via "Donate more points", where you can select a point amount.
  • The donations are always made at the end of the month. Microsoft converts all collected points into monetary amounts. In doing so, you pay only in Microsoft points, but not with real money.
You activate the donation campaign and select the desired organization in your dashboard. Since the points for the donations are collected completely passively on the side, you do not incur any additional work. The only requirement is that you use Bing as your search engine.

By Gage Finnefrock

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