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Samsung Galaxy A90: WLAN - how to activate it

Instead of using the mobile data of your SIM card, you can also surf the Internet via WLAN with your Samsung Galaxy A90. We will show you how to turn on the WLAN function on the new Samsung smartphone and then connect it to a network in this guide.

How to activate the WLAN on the Samsung Galaxy A90

In order to surf the Internet with the Samsung Galaxy A90, either the activation of mobile data or the connection to a WLAN network is necessary. To access the Internet via WLAN, you first need to turn on the device's WLAN feature. To do so, please swipe down from the top on the display with two fingers to open the control center. There, tap the "Settings icon" and go to "Connections" > "WLAN" to activate the function.

Samsung Galaxy A90: How to connect to WLAN

Once you have activated the WLAN function on the Samsung Galaxy A90, the next step requires you to connect to an available WLAN network. You can find an overview of all WLAN networks in the vicinity by navigating to "Settings" > "Connections" > "WLAN".
  1. Search for the WLAN network of your router in the list displayed there and tap on its name.
  2. If you are connecting to a WLAN network for the first time, please enter the network key before tapping "Connect".
  3. The Samsung Galaxy A90 will then save the credentials to the device and connect automatically the next time you are near the WLAN network.

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