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Bing Maps: Bird's eye view no longer works - here's why

Microsoft's mapping service, Bing Maps, offers various view options. In addition to the normal views, the service also offers the option to view areas from a bird's eye view. Every now and then, however, it happens that this function does not work or is not available.

Bird's eye view doesn't work anymore - that could be the reason

If you want to view an area on Bing Maps from the air, it works via the bird's eye view feature. You can change the view mode via the menu at the top right of the map. Alternatively, you can call up the bird's eye view by pressing the "O" or "B" key. However, if the option is missing in the view settings and neither of the two shortcuts works, this can have various causes.
  • The bird's eye view is not available everywhere. Often, the view mode only works in large cities.
  • Also, note that the bird's eye view is only available on the computer. If you call Bing Maps via a smartphone or tablet, you can only use the view mode "aerial view".
  • If you can activate the view mode, but have problems with the display, this may be due to an outdated browser version. Check via the browser settings whether there is an update and install it if necessary.
  • In some cases, browser extensions can also be responsible for the problems. Try calling Bing Maps with browser add-ons disabled. If the view mode now works, one of the installed extensions is the source of the error. Then turn the add-ons back on one by one to find out which one is the trigger.

By Greabe

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