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What is ZigBee Bridge? What it offers

If you take a closer look at smart home devices and their compatibility, you will automatically encounter the term "ZigBee". This is a communication protocol. In addition, there is a bridge that supports the protocol, with which you connect multiple devices.

What is a ZigBee Bridge

When using smart home devices, special protocols are used to ensure energy-efficient exchange of data. In doing so, these are primarily designed for a small amount of data. ZigBee also belongs to these protocols and is thus a radio protocol that is used in home automation systems, sensor networks or other applications.
  1. In addition to the supported smart home devices, there is also a bridge. With this it is possible to create a network of ZigBee products.
  2. With a bridge you can add and control devices. You can also set routines, timers and scenarios only if the devices are connected via a bridge.
  3. A ZigBee bridge is a bridge that supports the ZigBee communication protocol and can be connected to ZigBee devices.
  4. The ZigBee standard is used by various smart home devices, such as the Hue lighting system from Philips. Here, too, there is a ZigBee Bridge, which acts as a control center for all LED lights of the brand.
  5. IKEA's Trådfri range also supports the protocol.

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