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Running Sonos without a bridge - is that possible?

You can control the WLAN-based home sound system Sonos with various devices. Use your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch to control individual speaker groups or the entire system. With the Sonos Bridge, you can connect to your router.

How to run Sonos without a bridge

To connect your Sonos speakers wirelessly to your router, you usually need a Sonos Bridge. However, with newer versions of the system, this is no longer necessary.
  1. Sonos speakers from version 5.1 no longer need a bridge to connect to the router.
  2. Since 2014, you can update your devices. All devices sold since 2015 even have this update already installed.
  3. After you have put your new speakers into operation, you only need the Sonos Controller App, which is available for both iOS and Android.
  4. The app recognizes the speakers after installation, so that they can be controlled via it.
  5. Once the speakers have been recognized, you can use the app to connect to the WLAN. This allows you to listen to your music in sync in each connected room, or play different tracks from specific speakers.
  6. The bridge is still sold by Sonos, as it can help you boost your signal if it is disturbed.

By Goldfinch Ignasiak

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