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Google Fu: Meaning of Internet Term Explained

The Internet slang never rests and keeps coming up with new creations. Currently, the term Google Fu is on the rise. Even before it reaches the masses, our guide explains what it means.

Masters of Google Fu know how to perform search queries correctly.

Google rules the Internet and, in this context, the language is also constantly bringing forth new highlights. Google Fu is currently the trendiest example of this.

Google Fu: meaning and origin at a glance

The meaning of Google Fu is quickly explained:
  • It is a joking name of the ability to independently find the desired information via Google (or other search engines).
  • The term is directly derived from the martial art Kung Fu. The ability to perform Google searches is thus deliberately exaggerated.
Not infrequently, therefore, is happy to talk about "the high art of Google Fu", also other constructions are currently doing the rounds, such as "use your own Google Fu" or "throw the Google Fu briefly". The creativity is logically no limits, as usual in the Internet slang and its development.

By Tolmach Plonka

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