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Ghosting: overview of the meaning of the term

In the field of social media in particular, you will be confronted with the term "ghosting" again and again. So that you not only know what phenomenon it is and whether you have already been affected by it, we explain what it is all about.

Ghosting: here's what it means

Since life has become more and more about social media and dating apps, ghosting has become a common phenomenon.
  1. The term is derived from the English noun "ghost", which means "spirit" or "ghost" in German.
  2. This means that a person completely withdraws from you without warning and breaks off contact. It thus becomes invisible.
  3. It is not necessary that a conflict has preceded or that there are understandable reasons for the behavior of your counterpart.
  4. You will encounter the phenomenon particularly often on dating platforms, as well as in friendships that take place mainly over the Internet.
  5. If you are affected by it, then the phenomenon also includes that there is no reaction to your contact.

A phenomenon of digitalization

Ghosting meets you as a practice of the 21st century. Although there have been such situations before, but the Internet has made this kind of interaction much easier. This is because it has been proven that the inhibition threshold drops when you keep in contact with your counterpart mainly via the Internet. Science assumes that due to the absence of the aspects of social bonding, such as eye contact and facial expressions, these friendships are perceived as less real than conventional acquaintances.

By Ashli Avila

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