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USB stick is not recognized - how to proceed

There are various reasons why your USB stick is suddenly not recognized. Especially when the problem occurs suddenly, there is a high success rate to quickly locate and fix the error. Often the causes are trivial and are fixed in a few minutes.

USB stick is not recognized - check everything carefully

Before really the stick can be classified as a source of error, you need to test a few things. It is not uncommon that the problem actually lies with the computer.
  1. First change the USB port to which the USB stick is connected.
  2. Due to faulty drivers, it can happen that the port suddenly no longer works, but the stick is recognized one slot further.
  3. Test at the alleged port also other USB devices for their functionality.
  4. Connect the stick to another computer or laptop and test whether this can be recognized and used there.
  5. In addition, check whether dirt has settled in the port of the stick, so that the stick can not get a proper contact at the computer.

USB stick is not recognized - possibly a defect?

  1. Of course, there may really be a fault with the stick. Um das herauszufinden, müssen Sie das Laufwerk überprüfen lassen.
  2. Schließen Sie dazu den Stick am Computer an und drücken Sie die Tastenkombination [Win] + [R]. Geben Sie nun [diskmgmt.msc] ein und bestätigen Sie.
  3. Ändern Sie den Laufwerkbuchstaben des Sticks und testen Sie ihn erneut.

By Ivar Aschenback

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