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Counter Strike: Global Offensive: Buy and Sell Items

Virtual items for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) are becoming increasingly popular. In the process, you have several platforms at your disposal for both buying and selling items. We give you an overview of how buying and selling works.

Before selling: these ways to buy CS: GO items are available

To get items, the Steam marketplace is the first choice. Here, any user can put items from CS: GO or other games up for sale. Once you have found an item you are interested in, simply use your Steam wallet balance to pay for it. After the purchase, the purchased item is directly available in your inventory. Alternatively, you can also find items on "opskins.com". Since the prices here are usually lower than the Steam marketplace prices, you can find items here even with little money.

CS GO: How to resell purchased items

If you no longer need a purchased item or would like to earn money by trading items from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, there are several ways to sell them.
  1. One option is to place an ad for your items directly on the Steam marketplace. However, you will not receive real money, but Steam credit, which can be used for other items or games.
  2. In contrast, the sale of items on the website "opskin.com" is possible for real money, which is paid out via PayPal.
  3. To trade with items, the use of "csgolounge.com" offers itself. First open a trade for your item here and wait until another user is found who is willing to trade his item for yours.

By Vincelette Ostberg

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