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Sims Mobile: Cheats - all info in the overview

Sims Mobile brings the popular life simulation from Electronic Arts to the smartphone or tablet. For the PC version of The Sims, there are cheat codes that you can use to get infinite money, for example. Of course, the question now arises whether these cheats also work in the mobile version.

Cheats for Sims Mobile - do they even exist?

In the test phase of The Sims Mobile it was even possible to cheat money, heirlooms and other things with the help of some bugs in the game. However, before the release of the game, these were fixed by the developers.Unlike in the PC version, there are also no extra cheats for the mobile version. The reason for this is simple:
  • Sims Mobile is a so-called "Free to Play" game, which aims to keep resources low, as the game is financed via real-money purchases from the in-game store.
  • Were the developer to include cheat codes in Sims Mobile, as in the PC version of the game, it would undermine its own business model and render it ineffective.

Be careful of malware

Online you can find some hacks for Sims Mobile that promise you things like infinite resources. However, it is often the case that these hacks, on the one hand, do not work as described and, on the other hand, contain malware that infects the smartphone. Therefore, it is better to avoid such dubious offers and play Sims Mobile without supposed utilities.

By Ronni Encino

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