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iOS 12: Enable Dark Mode - how to turn it on

For some time now, the so-called Dark Mode has been available for the Mac. Users would now like to be able to use the dark version of the operating system on the iPhone. The release of version 12 of iOS made it possible for the first time to use a dark variant of the operating system.

iOS 12: What you should know about Dark Mode

There has been no change regarding the display on the iPhone with the introduction of iOS 12. The Dark Mode remains only a wish.
  1. Although there is no official version of a Dark Mode for the iPhone, you can use a trick under iOS 12, through which you can basically adjust some colors and make them appear darker.
  2. Through the function of "Smart Invert", some colors are automatically inverted and thus displayed darker.
  3. Pictures, videos and other media, however, remain unaffected by the mode, so only the surface is adjusted.

iOS 12: How to use Smart Invert

  1. To activate Smart Invert, you must first go to the settings.
  2. There you navigate to "General" and further to the item "Operating aids".
  3. Sie finden die Option „Display-Anpassungen“, unter der Sie wiederum „Sehen“ vorfinden.
  4. Innerhalb dieser Option können Sie das Feature „Farben umkehren“ aktivieren, indem Sie den Regler nach rechts schieben.

By Hedley Perun

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