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Installing Vavoo - how it works

Vavoo is a TV box that allows you to play a wide variety of movies and series from the Internet. Both on your PC and on your Fire TV Stick, it is possible to install Vavoo and use the offer.

How to install Vavoo

When the Vavoo box is delivered, connect it to your TV by connecting it to it via HDMI. Now start the box and turn on the fit input in your TV. Connect the box to your LAN or WLAN. The setup wizard should now start automatically. If you want to install the Vavoo app instead, proceed as follows:
  1. Go to the download page of Vavoo and download the installer for your corresponding operating system.
  2. Start the installation file for Windows, for Mac drag the image to "Applications".
  3. After installation, you can start Voodoo simply by double-clicking on the desktop icon.

On a Fire TV Stick

You can also install Vavoo on your Amazon Fire TV Stick via a small detour:
  1. On the Fire TV Stick, go to the settings located on the far right of the navigation.
  2. Go on to "Options and Developer Options" and here switch the two options "Apps of unknown origin" and "ADB debugging" to "On".
  3. Go back to "Home", click the magnifying glass icon and search for "Downloader". This app will allow you to install Vavoo on Fire TV Stick.
  4. Open Downloader after the installation is complete and type "https://www.vavoo.tv" in the app's search bar.
  5. Click "Software" at the top and install the Vavoo version for Android.

By Hennahane

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