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iPhone X overheats: How to solve the problem

If the iPhone X overheats, this can have various causes. However, with proper use, this should not happen. That's why it's now time to provide first aid and get to the root of the problem.

What to do if your iPhone X overheats?

When the iPhone gets too hot, it simply shuts itself down. It will not restart until the device has cooled down a bit. If your iPhone X overheats, there are two main reasons for this:
  1. The device overheats, for example, if it is in the sun or very warm temperatures prevail.
  2. If the heat comes from the iPhone itself, the CPU is overloaded.

iPhone overloaded

If you suspect that the processor of your iPhone is overloaded, then you should first close some apps. If several games and other demanding applications are open, this may well cause the device to be technically overloaded and therefore overheat. To help the device cool down, you can additionally turn down the screen brightness. You can turn on the power-saving mode under "Battery" in the settings. The lower load on the battery also has a positive effect on the operating temperature.

Weather overheats the iPhone

If the heat comes from outside, you have little choice but to refrain from using the iPhone for a while. You should not leave it in the car if it is in the blazing sun on a hot summer day. It is also best to protect the display from direct sunlight. Just stow the iPhone X in a bag if it overheats from the outside temperatures.

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