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Installing Skype on Ubuntu - how it works

It is also possible to use the Skype video telephony service on a PC with Ubuntu as operating system. To install Skype on Ubuntu, you have several methods to choose from. Which these are and how to proceed correctly, we explain here.

Installing Skype via installation file on Ubuntu

If you would like to use the Skype video telephony service on your Ubuntu PC as well, you can install the program either via the Ubuntu terminal or using the Skype installation file.
  1. For the latter option, please first open the Firefox browser and download the installation file from the Skype website by clicking the "Download Skype for Linux - DEB" button there.
  2. Click "OK" to open the Ubuntu software installation manager and select "Install".
  3. You will now be prompted to enter your password and will need to confirm by clicking "Sign in" or pressing the "Enter" key.
  4. If the installation is complete, you will find Skype in the list of your applications and can set up and use the program.

Ubuntu: How to install Skype via the terminal

If the above method does not work for you, the Skype installation is also feasible using the package manager Snap via the terminal. To do this, please open the terminal with the key combination of "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "T" and type "sudo apt-get update". If the program package Snap is not yet installed on your "Ubuntu"(Link: https://tipps.computerbild.de/hardware/drucker/so-koennen-sie-unter-ubuntu-einen-drucker-einrichten-338547.html -PC, please get it installed by typing the command "sudo apt-get install snapd". Then enter "sudo apt-get install skype --classic" so that Skype will be installed automatically.

By Winsor Hett

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