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Is Pokémon an anime? This genre includes the successful series

The Pokémon games have enjoyed great popularity since the release of the first game in 1996. In addition to the Pokémon games, there is also a Pokémon series that began airing in Germany in 1999. Whether this series is an anime, we explain in this article.

Pokémon: This is what is meant by an anime

While in Japan all animated series and movies are called anime, in the rest of the world the term anime is used only for animated shows originating in Japan.
  1. While anime are not exclusively aimed at children, but also have teenagers and adults as a target audience.
  2. Anime series can therefore be categorized not only by setting and theme, but also depending on the target audience.
  3. While Kodomo anime are aimed specifically at children, there are two anime genres with Josei anime and Seinen anime, which were developed specifically for young women and young men respectively.

Anime: All information about the genre of Pokémon

Since Pokémon exists not only as a video game and manga, but also as an animated series, Pokémon also belongs to the anime genre. In detail, Pokémon, like Heidi and Doraemon, belongs to the category of Kodomo anime, since the series was developed specifically for children and was intended to boost sales of video games. However, due to the availability of Pokémon as a video game for Nintendo and Gameboy, and as a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, Pokémon also enjoys great popularity among adults.

By Elvyn Kohus

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