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Reddit app: comments not loading - can it be fixed?

Reddit is also increasingly used on mobile, with the platform's official app being the most common way to do so. However, many users report the problem that comments there do not load or load extremely slowly.

Not quite round: The Reddit app is still causing problems for many users even after years.

The Reddit app has actually existed long enough to no longer have any major teething problems. However, problems loading comments are still not uncommon.

Reddit app: comments not loading properly - no improvement in sight?

The problem occurs exclusively in mobile use and is relatively serious, as it makes normal use of the app almost impossible.
  • The range varies from a delay of several seconds when loading comments to a complete refusal to display the comments section.
  • Reliable workarounds are not yet available, although the problem has been known for a long time.
  • Sometimes this behavior can be fixed by a complete restart of the app, but only temporarily, as it can happen again and again.
  • Also logging out and logging in can provide short-term improvement.
A permanent solution for all users, however, is only possible by Reddit itself, and in the app directly. Issues like this are one reason why third-party apps for Reddit remain popular - Sync for Reddit tops the list, as it offers the best experience according to numerous Reddit users.

By Lias Saniger

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