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Netflix: New prices - two subscriptions become more expensive

Netflix continues to grow and already counts as a standard for evening entertainment in many households. By all accounts, this market position is reason enough for the provider to raise prices. In 2021, prices for the standard and premium subscription will therefore also be adjusted accordingly.

On Netflix, it will be more expensive in the future if you do not order the basic subscription.

Netflix: New prices at a glance

The streaming service Netflix regularly increases the prices for the various subscription models, at the same time there are also more and more in-house productions available on the platform. This allowed Netflix to justify the price increase with a "continuously increasing value". Depending on how many people you share your account with and in which resolution you want to enjoy the content, there are different options to choose from. The cost of the basic subscription usually remains constant. As always, the new prices apply immediately to all new customers. Existing customers will be informed about the increase beforehand and the costs will only be adjusted one month later.
  • The basic subscription still costs 7.99 euros.
  • The standard subscription with HD quality now costs 12.99 euros instead of 11.99 euros.
  • The premium subscription with 4K quality was raised from 15.99 euros to 17.99 euros.
Since a large proportion of customers do not use the basic subscription, the increase thus affects a great many users. Especially the increase in the premium subscription should feel painful, since it is equal to 2 euros. But looking at the status of Netflix, even this will probably not change anything in the subscription numbers.

By Simona

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