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The Republic: Subscriptions, prices and concept presented - all info

The Republic is a fairly young online magazine from Switzerland and brought it to prominence in German-speaking countries in a short time. The subscription model is part of the concept. We introduce the site.

In trend: Die Republik is young, but is causing a stir - and in Germany, too.

Die Republik was launched in January 2018 and thus has just two years behind it. Nevertheless, there can be no talk of an unknown niche site. The claim to offer critical, non-conformist, modern journalism is apparently being heard in times like these.

Republik: Subscription as an access method with a special feature

Republik's concept is based on a subscription:
  • An annual membership costs CHF 240 per year, which corresponds to around 225 euros. People in education get the subscription for 140 CHF (130 euros).
  • In the monthly subscription, it is 22 CHF each, so about 20 euros.
  • For this price, subscribers are called co-publishers, as they enable the independent work and publication. Advertising does not exist in return.
  • Very special is the access to the articles: To access them, an account with an active subscription is required, as is common with paid content. However, the links are freely shareable. So if you find a link, for example, spread via social media, you can read the republic content in question in full.
The articles can thus reach a wide audience. Since the repertoire mostly revolves around current topics, including a lot of politics, the pieces often find a hearing and make it beyond the borders of Switzerland. The official overview of the subscription models can be found here.

By Michaela

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