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Donkey Republic: Prices according to rental period at a glance

With Donkey Republic you can search for a bike in the app at any time and rent it spontaneously. Our guide explains what prices are called and what rental duration is possible.

Short or long? Donkey Republic is suitable for quite different rental durations.

The prices of Donkey Republic bikes vary depending on the city. After all, a rough orientation is quite possible, since the deviations within Germany - if any - are only slight.

Donkey Republic: Prices in check

German customers can expect the following price ranges at Donkey Republic:
  • The shortest rental duration is 30 minutes. These cost 1.50 euros in Freiburg and Berlin.
  • For two hours you pay 6 euros, for six hours 8.40 euros and for twelve hours 10.20 euros.
  • If you want to rent the bike for a whole week, it costs 50 euros.
  • In addition, you can take out theft insurance with each rental. For 2 euros you are fully covered; otherwise you pay in case of theft 300 euros.
It should be noted that this information is without guarantee, since changes are always possible in general and depending on the location. Reliable prices you get in the app on the spot.Cheaper it is in any case, by taking out a local membership. Eine √úbersicht dazu finden Sie hier.

By Debera

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