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Have your key duplicated - this is how much the service costs

Nothing is more annoying than not having an important key on hand that you need for your home or basement. It may be that the key has been lost or you have accidentally bent it. In this case, it pays to have a spare key handy.

How much does a duplicated key cost?

You have the option of calling a locksmith in your area or using an online key service. In some cases, however, the key can not be easily made up.
  1. If the key is a security key, easily recognizable by the fact that there is a number on the key, you need the appropriate security card to make up the key.
  2. No locksmith may make up a security key without the security card.
  3. If you have lost your key, you must inform your landlord immediately. If there is a risk that the key was stolen, it may be that the entire lock must be replaced. The costs will then fall on you, but will be covered by liability insurance.
  4. Copying a standard key usually costs you no more than 20 euros. For a security key, the costs can be higher depending on the type of key. Calculate here with up to 100 euros.
  5. If you want to have your car key copied, this is only possible at your authorized workshop, if you have the necessary papers. This can cost between 50 and 350 euros.
  6. On the Internet you can have keys for 20 euros nachmachen.

By Crain

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