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Home Key: This is what the key on your keyboard means

There are many characters on the keyboard that can be useful to you when working on the computer. Many keys are duplicated. For this reason, it may be necessary to use certain key combinations to activate them. Also, the home key is not always obvious at first glance.

How to find the Home Key on your keyboard

There is little difference between German and English keyboards. Nevertheless, the two letters "Z" and "Y" are interchanged. The naming of the keys can also be different. You will also find the home key in vain on a German keyboard layout.
  1. The home key is named "Pos1" on German keyboards.
  2. Normally, this key is located above the "End" key. This can be found in a block of 6 above the arrow keys. Also located here are the "Insert", "Del" and the "Image" keys. There are two versions of the latter, where you jump up one screen size with one, and down with the other.
  3. In some larger notebooks, this is usually integrated on the "7" key. To activate the home button, you must then activate the Num key. If the numeric keypad is missing, the activation is usually done via the Fn key.
  4. With the Home key, you achieve the opposite function to the "End" key. Mit dieser k├Ânnen Sie also bis zum Anfang eines Dokuments zur├╝ckspringen. So ersparen Sie es sich, manuell zum Anfang zu scrollen.

By Floria

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