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Valheim: Building a blast furnace - here's how to do it and here's what it brings

For an Early Access game, Valheim offers a surprisingly large scope. This is also evident in the number of craftable items. Among the most high-level items is the blast furnace, and we have all the info.

High-level items: you can process black metal in the blast furnace.

You can build the normal smelting furnace as soon as you have found the first Surtling cores. But the top of the evolution is not yet.

Valheim: These requirements are necessary for the blast furnace

Because later there is still a clear increase in the form of the blast furnace.
  • For the construction you need 20 stones, 20 precious wood, 10 iron and 5 Surtling cores.
  • In addition, a crafting table must be nearby. For this you must have defeated the fourth boss of the game (Moder). Only through this, the blast furnace is also unlocked.
  • The blast furnace is important because you can use it to process black metal. Since this is one of the most valuable materials in the game, the items are correspondingly strong.
For the proper endgame, a blast furnace is thus indispensable. The hurdle you have to overcome for it has it in itself - Moder waits for you in the mountains and is as hostile to life as the region itself.

By Bellew Sylney

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