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E-Scooter: Theft protection - how to secure the vehicle

E-Scooters are available in different versions. If you do not want to buy a scooter, then you can fall back on the offer of various rental providers. These are already represented in many German cities. Since the providers usually have to deal with thefts, anti-theft protection is usually used.

This theft protection is available for e-scooters

Since June 2019, after the regulation for small electric vehicles was passed, more and more suppliers for e-scooters are appearing. In this regard, the e-scooters may only have a maximum speed of 20 km/h and must also meet various other conditions. With the passing of the regulation, more and more rental providers for e-scooters appeared in German cities. With these, the theft rate of the vehicles also increased, which is why many companies are working on special theft protection for locks. E-scooters are frequently stolen because they are light and less bulky than, for example, bicycles.
  1. The provider Lime locks the e-scooters via the app. These can then only be driven if you unlock the scooter via the app.
  2. Another option for theft protection is offered by various locks. Since there are hardly or no special e-scooter locks, you have to fall back in this case on bicycle locks.
  3. The locks are also available in various designs. Some of them have an integrated alarm that goes off as soon as someone tries to pick the lock.
  4. A GPS transmitter can also help. This does not directly protect against theft, but can help to quickly find the vehicle again.

By Yacov

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