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Backing up photos for eternity - so they stay forever

With a photo, you capture a beautiful memory that you can then enjoy for years to come. Unfortunately, however, these memories can all too easily be lost due to a broken hard drive or cell phone. For this reason, you should always back up your photos twice.

How to back up your photos for eternity

To always keep photos well secured, you should back up your smartphone or camera memory to your PC at regular intervals. However, even by doing this, the photos are sometimes not backed up for eternity. Therefore, to be on the safe side, carry out the following steps:
  1. Attach a NAS that contains an internal backup copy of the hard drive. This way, the photo is directly backed up three times. Here we speak of a RAID-1 array. The one hard disk is mirrored one to one on the other hard disk. The operating system of the NAS gives you a message as soon as one of the hard drives gives up the ghost.
  2. Use a cloud backup, ideally with several companies. If one of these companies closes the service, you still have the backup in custody with the other companies. Are you afraid of your data being stolen, then simply encrypt it with the appropriate encryption software before uploading.
You have many more options to properly back up your photos. The more backups of your photos exist, the less likely your photos will be lost.

By Larsen Slyton

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