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Valheim: These arrows exist - an overview

Distance combat with bow and arrow is often very effective in Valheim. This makes it all the more important that you know what arrows exist in the game and how strong they are. We provide the overview.

From a distance: in Valheim, arrows are a powerful weapon with tactical advantages.

Making the first variants of bow and arrow is not difficult. But the further you get, the more necessary the better arrows are to do decent damage.

Valheim: All arrows in the overview

It is also important to distinguish between arrows that cause purely mechanical damage (by stabbing) and the variants with elemental damage. The latter are particularly powerful, but the opponent must also be susceptible to the respective element.The ranking of the mechanical arrows is as follows:
  • Wood arrows (22 damage)
  • Fire arrows (27 damage)
  • Bronze arrows (32 damage)
  • Iron arrows (42 damage)
  • Obsidian arrows (52 damage)
  • Silver arrows (52 damage)
  • Needle arrows (62 damage)
In addition, there are three arrow types with elemental damage:
  • Feuerpfeile (11 Stechen + 22 Feuer)
  • Giftpfeile (26 Stechen + 52 Gift)
  • Frostpfeile (26 Stechen + 52 Frost)
Sie sollten stets normale Pfeile bei sich führen und Elementarpfeile ergänzend dazu, je nachdem, in welchem Biom Sie unterwegs sind. Auf diese Weise geht Ihnen nie der Fernkampfschaden aus und Sie können viele Gegner aus sicherer Distanz ausschalten.

By Ronna

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