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Charging the Honor View 20 inductively - is that possible?

You can charge the Honor View 20 via cable on the computer or the wall socket. Whether you can also charge the battery of the new Honor smartphone inductively and how to proceed when charging the battery, we explain in this article.

Inductive charging: This is how powerful the battery of the Honor View 20 is

The Honor View 20 has a particularly powerful battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use the device to make calls for up to 25 hours or watch videos for around 15 hours. If you use the Honor View 20 for listening to music, the battery even lasts up to 130 hours.

Honor View 20: What you need to know about inductive charging

Inductive charging charges a smartphone wirelessly using a Qi charging station. For this to work, however, it is necessary that the respective smartphone has a built-in Qi receiver. Since this is not the case with the Honor View 20 released in 2018, you cannot charge it inductively.
  1. Instead, you only have the option of charging the Honor View 20 with the included USB cable.
  2. For this, simply connect the USB cable to the multifunction bay of the Honor smartphone and connect the other end of the cable either with the power adapter or a USB port on the PC.
  3. If you want to charge the battery of your Honor View 20 particularly quickly, we recommend using the power adapter. This has a power charge function, with which you can fully charge the smartphone in about 45 minutes.

By Louis Kowalowski

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