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LaTeX: Inserting a line break - it's that easy

A line break is necessary for various formatting as well as for an appealing structure. In doing so, it is supposedly more time-consuming to create a line break in LaTeX, but you get a visually appealing and very effective formatting that makes your overall work with the text document easier.

How to create a line break

Creating a line break is one of the functions already included in the basic programming of LaTeX, which means you don't need to know any specific command.
  1. First, create the text that should come before the line break.
  2. Now you need to put two backlashes (//) directly after the text. It is important that there is no space between the punctuation mark and the two backlashes, so that LaTeX can recognize your intention.
  3. You can create a backlash through the LaTeX editor Texmaker simply by pressing "ALT GR" and the question mark key at the same time.
  4. Now that you have created the two backlashes, check again whether all conditions have been met.
  5. Once you are sure that you want to create a line break, press the Return key.
  6. Now you can continue with the creation of the document, because LaTeX has created an automatic line break.

So easy to undo

In the process of creating a text, it can happen that a line break was created in LaTeX, which now no longer fits into the formatting. In this case, you simply need to remove the two backlashes that indicate to LaTeX that a break should be created there. Once you have confirmed your change, the line break has been removed.

By Ver Mesler

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