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Windows 10: Second screen only - how to set it

Windows 10 gives you several options for using multiple screens. This includes using a second display on its own. Our guide shows how to do it.

In Windows 10, you can also use only the second screen if necessary.

As a prerequisite, a second screen must logically be connected, such as the TV via HDMI cable. Once this is done, the rest is quite simple.

Windows 10: Use only the second screen

Then proceed as follows:
  1. Press "Win" + "P".
  2. Select "Second screen only".
Your main screen should then go black, while all content now appears on the second screen. This is handy, for example, if you are streaming from PC to TV and you find the duplicate content through the PC screen annoying. To undo the setting, press "Win" + "P" again and select "PC screen only".

By Helaina Nease

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