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Surface Pro 6: Second screen - how to use it

You also have the option of connecting a second screen on the Surface Pro 6. Before connecting it, however, be sure to check whether the monitor or TV screen meets the requirements for connection. You can get all the information on the correct procedure here.

How to connect a second screen to the Surface Pro 6

To connect your Surface Pro 6 to a second screen, some conditions must be met. For example, the refresh rate of the external display must not exceed 60 Hz and the highest resolution that is still supported is 4096 x 2304.Depending on the available ports on the second display, it is possible to connect your Surface Pro 6 via HDMI, VGA, DVI, or DisplayPort.
  1. Once the requirements are met, first connect an HDMI or VGA cable to the appropriate port on the display, TV, or projector.
  2. Then connect the other end of the cable to a Surface video adapter or the mini DisplayPort on the device or its docking station, respectively.

Surface Pro 6: These options are available for using the second screen

Once you have connected the second screen and the Surface Pro 6, you will have several options to choose from for using it. To view these options, please press the key combination "Windows key" + "P" on the keyboard of your Surface Pro 6 or click on "Project" in the Info Center. Now select here whether you want to duplicate the screen content of the Surface on the second screen or whether the second monitor should be used for screen extension.

By Vassell Boluda

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