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Installing Opera Extensions: How to make your browser even better

Extensions allow you to add more functionality to your browser. These are usually free and aim to further refine Opera's operation. Websites like YouTube, Amazon or Gmail also offer extensions for the browser.

There are countless handy extensions for Opera.

How to find and install Opera extensions

If you just installed Opera freshly and haven't installed any extensions yet, you can do so via the browser's matching menu options. Which extensions are worthwhile for you depends on your individual surfing behavior.
  1. Open Opera on your computer and click on the "Opera icon" to open the menu.
  2. Then click on "Extensions" and then on "Get Extensions".
  3. You will get to this page, where you will find all available extensions. There are extensions for practically every field of use, for example, social media services, shopping, proxy services or "email applications. Also ad blockers or other security features can be installed via extensions.
  4. In the top bar, different categories are recommended. Under "Best rated" you will find extensions that have been very well received by other users.
  5. To install an extension, simply open the detail view by clicking on the extension.
  6. Then select the "Add to Opera" button.
  7. Now confirm your selection by clicking "Install.
  8. Afterwards you can overview and manage your extensions in the Opera menu under "View" > "Extensions".

By Ottillia Griffon

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