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Setting Opera as your default browser - how to do it

The Opera browser is popular mainly because of its high security. If you would also like to use Opera as your new default browser, you can set this directly in the browser or on your PC or mobile device.

How to set Opera as the default browser on your computer

If you want to use Opera as the default browser, you have the option to set this directly during the installation of the browser. To do this, click on the "Options" button in the setup window and check "Set Opera as my default browser".
  1. If you did not select Opera as your default browser during the installation, you can make up for this at any time via the browser menu.
  2. Navigate in these to "Settings" > "Browsers" and select the option "Set Opera as my default browser".
  3. If you have a Windows PC, the selection of a default browser is also possible via the Control Panel.
  4. To do this, go to "Programs" > "Default Programs" > "Set Default Programs" in Windows 7 or Windows, select Opera and click "Set as Default".

Setting Opera as the default browser on an Android device

Opera can also be used as the default browser on your Android smartphone or tablet. To make the corresponding setting, please install the browser on your mobile device and then navigate to "Application Manager" in the device settings. Now first select your current default browser here and click on "Clear defaults". As soon as you now open an external link, for example from an e-mail, you can set Opera as the new default browser.

By Martens Eanes

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