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DAZN: These are the prices 2020 - Changes at a glance

DAZN is now no longer a newcomer to German sports streaming. In the course of growth, prices have also been adjusted. Our guide shows what the prices will look like in 2020.

More content, higher price: DAZN is getting bigger and it shows in the costs.

Originally, DAZN started with 9.99 euros per month. However, this pricing model is no longer current in 2020.

DAZN: Prices 2020 slightly higher

DAZN is now somewhat more expensive, but the offer is still kept very simple:
  • The service costs 11.99 euros per month.
  • In the annual subscription you pay a one-time 119.99 euros per month.
The increased prices are more than offset by the greatly increased range of content and rights. In addition: Furthermore, new users can test the first month free of charge.

By Edwyna

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