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Unlocking the iPhone X SIM card: what you need to know

If you have changed your SIM card, you don't need to restart the device to unlock the card. Instead, you can enter the pin in the iPhone X settings. The same is true if you skipped unlocking the SIM card after restarting the device.

Unlocking the SIM card on iPhone X

The SIM card in your iPhone X is normally unlocked when you turn on the device. The iPhone X will then prompt you to enter the pin number to unlock the SIM. If you do not have the number at hand right now, you can skip the step or remove the card. Then the smartphone can still be used, only the phone function and mobile data are not available. No restart is required to unlock the SIM card at a later time. Instead, you can unlock the card via the settings. In doing so, you have three attempts to enter the pin correctly. On the third incorrect entry, the SIM card is locked and can only be unlocked again by entering the puk. You can find the puk in the contract documents that you received with your SIM card.

Unlock the card via the settings

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Wählen Sie „Telefon“.
  3. Gehen Sie zu „SIM-Pin“.
  4. Tippen Sie auf „Code eingeben“.
  5. Geben Sie den Code Ihrer SIM-Karte ein und bestätigen Sie mit „OK“.

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