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Encrypting WLAN properly: How to get more security

When setting up a new router and Internet connection, there are a few things to consider. Especially in cities and densely populated areas, you should make sure to keep your network as secure as possible. To do this, you need optimal encryption and secure identification.

Encrypting WLAN properly: What matters?

When setting up your router, a lot of security precautions are already taken, so you basically do not have to fear foreign access.
  1. But to be a little more secure, you should definitely switch to the settings of your router.
  2. On a Fritzbox, for example, this works by entering [fritz.box] in the browser.
  3. There you should now switch to the security settings and assign a new network name. By default, this is set to the name of your router model and therefore represents the first security vulnerability.
  4. In addition, change the encryption from WEP to WPA or WPA2. Am sichersten sind natürlich moderne Methoden wie WPA2.
  5. Vergeben Sie außerdem ein neues Passwort für das Netzwerk, da der Schlüssel meistens auf der Rückseite des Routers aufgedruckt ist.
  6. Achten Sie bei der Vergabe eines neuen Schlüssels darauf, eine komplexe Kombination aus Buchstaben, Zahlen und Sonderzeichen zu haben.
  7. Zu schwache Passwörter können durch Zufall herausgefunden oder mithilfe von Brute-Force in wenigen Stunden geknackt werden.

By Ezarra

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