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iPhone X microphone quiet: What you can do

If the microphone on your iPhone X is too quiet, the person you are talking to may have difficulty understanding you. Phone calls can become annoying as a result, which is why you should solve the problem quickly. One possible cause of a microphone that is too quiet is dirt.

What's wrong if your iPhone X microphone is too quiet

If the person you're talking to complains that you sound quiet or slurred when you're on the phone, there are problems with your microphone. If it is set too low or the sound is muffled due to external influences, the person you are talking to will not be able to hear you clearly. Since this is very annoying when talking on the phone, you should find the cause. If all the clues do not help, you need to bring the iPhone X for repair, because your microphone may be defective.

This may be the reason:

  1. Dirt: Clean the microphone with a soft brush or a toothpick. You can also purchase type cleaners at stationery stores. This is soft plasticine that you press into the opening of the microphone. When you pull it off, the dirt sticks.
  2. Wrong phone case: check if your phone case covers the microphone. This can muffle the sound.
  3. Missing updates: open the settings and select "General" and then "Updates". Here you can see possible updates and download them.
  4. Wrong settings: Helfen alle anderen Tipps nicht, setzen Sie das Gerät auf Werkseinstellungen zurück. Legen Sie vorher ein Backup an.

By Nessa Hennings

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