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100-Emoji: Meaning, explanation and examples - all info

Emojis have become an integral part of online language. Images and words merge smoothly and the 100 emoji is currently the best example of this. We have all the info on it.

A hundred percent thing: The 100 emoji is a clear statement.

In social media, a lot of communication takes place via emojis. The 100 emoji has made it to amazing prominence.

What the 100 emoji means

The 100 emoji also indicates its character graphically: Held in red color, written bold and snappy, it looks full of verve and energy.
  • Practically, it is often used as a symbol for the maximum possible, analogous to 100 percent.
  • A well-known example is "wholesome 100", where the emoji is often used.
  • The origin of the spread of the emoji in the youth, but as so often on the Internet, followed the blanket distribution.
The 100 emoji is thus well suited to affirm or emphasize all sorts of statements.

By Ernestus Macie

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