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SKAGs: Definition, Explanation and Examples of the SEA Term

Search engine advertising has long been a billion-dollar market, and accordingly there are many approaches and strategies to it. Our guide explains what SKAGs means and how it is used.

Isolated and effective: with SKAGs, each keyword works only for itself.

SEA campaigns bring direct effects, but cost money in return. SKAGs are intended to improve the quality of campaigns.

SKAGs: All info summarized

"SKAGs" stands for "Single Keyword Adgroups".
  • As a result, only one keyword exists per ad group.
  • Conventional campaigns usually contain significantly more keywords.
  • The SKAGs method has the advantage that the performance of each individual keyword can be better measured and optimized because it stands in isolation.
  • Since a direct, unambiguous link between keyword and ad is created, a higher relevance is created, which has a positive effect on the click-through rate (CTR).
  • In practice, SKAGs means significantly more effort for this, since a separate ad group must be created and maintained for each keyword. The work multiplies as a result, which means that SKAGs only makes sense if more sales are generated accordingly - achieving this is the goal, for which there is logically no guarantee.
The SKAGs approach consequently has some strong advantages, since not least the quality of the ads is rated high (because relevant and accurate). Nevertheless, the method is not a no-brainer, but needs competent fine-tuning as well as a lot of work to bring the desired effect.

By Mumford Smayda

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