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Goat of Duty: How to play for free - all info

The name is a reference is a reference to one of the greatest shooter series of all time. In terms of content, Goat of Duty follows the same vein, but scores points for its special character.

Goats shooting goats: Goat of Duty is a classic shooter with some specials.

In Goat of Duty, players compete as goats. And that's far from the only fun idea you'll be confronted with in the fast-paced shooter.

How to get Goat of Duty for free

With a free promotion, Goat of Duty is now to be made palatable to a larger audience:
  • Goat of Duty is available on Steam for free for a short time. The action ends on March 31, 2020.
  • Important: the free version is "free to keep". So it is not a time-limited demo, but you can keep the game permanently if you add it to your account in the specified period.
  • The regular price is otherwise 9.99 euros.
Goat of Duty is a pure multiplayer game, so an Internet connection is constantly needed. There is no story and also on otherwise the title deliberately does without any frills: the focus is on pure shooter gameplay, as it made the genre so successful a long time ago.

By Alby Andel

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