Instagram, how to watch live feeds from PC

Instagram releases a new feature for the desktop version: now you can watch live feeds of the users you follow

The desktop version of Instagram so far has never been very successful. The reasons are various: first of all, Instagram was born as an application for smartphones and users are used to use it from their mobile device and, moreover, from the PC the available functions are not the same. In recent days, however, developers are trying to change the trend by releasing interesting new features for the desktop version of the social network dedicated to images.

In the previous days, the ability to reply and send messages to friends on Instagram from PC was released. The famous "DM" (Direct Message), in fact, were only available on the mobile version and their lack made the desktop version a bit limited. Within a few days, a second novelty arrived that makes users very happy: from the PC you can see the live feeds of the accounts you follow. It may seem strange, but this feature was not yet present, despite the fact that the PC has a larger screen that allows you to see even better Instagram live broadcasts.

How to follow Instagram live on the PC

To give the news is Engadget, a website dedicated to technology. In fact, from Instagram has not yet arrived the official news and the reason seems to be quite clear: the feature has not been released for all users, but only for a small niche. The release will be gradual and you'll have to wait a couple of days to see it on your PCs.

How do you see Instagram Live on PC? There are very few differences from the mobile version: to access just press on the circle in the Stories feed and a window will open in which there is both the live broadcast and the comments of users. The large screen certainly simplifies the interaction with the comments, thanks to the fact that they are present in a separate column and not in overlay with the live stream.

When will the feature be available

As mentioned, the release will be gradual and within a few days or weeks will cover the whole world. This is definitely an additional feature that will make the desktop Instagram version even more useful.