Instagram to everything Live: with these new features it becomes like TV

Two new features will allow creators and influencers to use Instagram to connect even better with their fans and followers: here's how Live changes

After the record down of about 10 hours in recent days, Instagram tries to make up for it by introducing a series of new features dedicated especially, but not only, to influencers who use Live to stay in touch with their followers

The first feature is already being rolled out, while the second will arrive soon and is closely related to the first. In essence, it's about being able to schedule Live with your followers, well in advance so as to increase the anticipation but also give everyone time to organize themselves to follow the events of their favorite creators on Instagram. The result is more and more similar to live TV, but it can also be done from home and with good technical results, thanks to the "Practice mode" that will be introduced soon. Here's how live shows on Instagram are about to change and what creatives around the world will be able to do.

Instagram Live schedulable

With the first of the two new features, officially announced by Instagram, live shows will be schedulable up to 90 days in advance. This means, for example, that a singer can schedule a series of live events on Instagram and, among other things, also allow their fans to receive warning notifications so they don't miss a single date.

Creators will also be able to spread the word about a scheduled live, either on their feed or in stories.

Instagram: Practice mode arrives for live

Practice mode is a new feature that's been expected for several months on Instagram: the first to talk about it was Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who found a trace of it in the code of Instagram's app.

Basically, it's the former private mode, which will allow creators to connect with guests to test the connection, audio and framing before going all live. It's basically like a pre-show, an off-air of television that allows for better technical success of the streaming event.