Twitter Spaces, the alternative to Clubhouse for Android becomes reality

Twitter Spaces for Android is becoming a reality. While Clubhouse continues to procrastinate the launch of the version of its app dedicated to users of the robot, postponed - according to the latest statements - to next May, Twitter pulls out of the hat its alternative, beating all competitors, such as Facebook, Telegram and - more recently - Spotify and LinkedIn.

After the announcement of the feature dating back to the second part of 2020, Twitter had officially opened the first phase of tests during last December, although intended only for a group of testers with iOS operating system. At the beginning of March, however, the social network extended the availability of Spaces to Android, albeit with some limitations that only allowed access to rooms and not the ability to create new ones. Now, however, the two apps seem to have finally begun to walk in parallel, replicating the same functionality for both the bitten apple and the robot. And without fear of giving Clubhouse a run for its money.

Twitter Spaces for Android, how it works

With the integration of the new feature, the Android version finally becomes equivalent to the iOS one, bringing the available Spaces features to the same level. Some Twitter users have noticed the new presence dedicated to users of the open source operating system.

By tapping on the button called "Spaces", located in the lower right corner above the three dedicated to Gif, photos and Tweets, Android users can see a new screen through which you can start your own Space. After assigning a name to the room, simply press the button at the bottom to create a free room accessible to all.

In the same screen, then, you can also customize all the other options available at launch. The choice, in this case, is between keeping the microphone off at startup, activating it again after logging into the room, enabling caption and sound effects, using emoji and inviting other users through a DM or a direct link to be sent to those interested.

Twitter Spaces for Android, who can use it

The feature has been made available since the stable version of the release 8.87.0-release.01.As a result, some test-enabled Android users can already start touching Twitter Spaces functionality, waiting for the feature to be made available to everyone in the near future.